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Window Blind Cleaning Omaha NEProper maintenance is a must in order to keep your Omaha home’s window blinds in tip top shape. And who really wants to go and get the ladder, get all of the cleaning supplies and start to climb and clean? The professionals at Omaha Blinds & Shutters can restore your windows and blinds back to their natural beauty giving your home the look and feel you remember.

When it comes to cleaning all of the small nooks and crainies of window blinds, attention to detail is important. Our Omaha Window Blind Cleaning Contractors will not only save you time and money, they will also provide you with a clean, relaxing environment that you and your family can enjoy.

Pleated or cellular shades should be vacuumed periodically to remove dust that builds up. Using the brush attachment on the vacuum, clean each of the pleats of the honeycomb cell shades. Do not use cleaners on the shades as they can discolor or remove color from the shades. If there is a stain on the shades you may use a damp cloth on the stained area. Do not rub too much as this can damage the cell shade material. For tough stains you can use mild detergents but it is recommended to try first in a less visible area of the window shades to ensure the detergent will not damage the shades.

We provide on-site blind cleaning for both homes and businesses in the Omaha and Springfield Nebraska areas. Our cleaning method for your window blinds, shades and shutters is the most thorough and safe way to clean your window treatments and is recommended by all the major window treatment manufacturers and providers.

Window treatments can look worn and old when many times they are merely dusty. We use state-of-the-art ultrasonic machines that make cleaning blinds safe and effective. With our equipment, we can also get the job done quickly. With our professional touch, you can bring new life to your window treatments, ensuring that your home or office is comfortable and inviting. Organic cleaning is available upon request.

We also offer blind repair services. If your blinds are a hassle to open or close or are missing pieces, we can fix issues and replace parts so that they look new and work properly again. We are able to expertly match color, style, and size, even if you have discontinued or custom blinds.

Our Window Blind Cleaning in Omaha Includes the Following:

  • Blind Dusting
  • Shutter Cleaning
  • Window Blind Washing
  • Window Blind Repair
  • Window Treatment Cleaning
  • Shades Cleaning
  • Window Blind Vacuuming
  • Window Shade Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

We Provide Window Blind Cleaning in the Following Cities:

Omaha, NE | Millard, NE | Springfield, NE | La Vista, NE | Papillion, NE | Gretna, NE | Elkhorn, NE | Midtown, NE | Bellevue, NE


Why Omaha Should Hire Us For Their Window Blind Cleaning

When your Omaha aluminum mini blinds micro blinds need cleaning there are a few things to keep in mind. Omaha Blinds & Shutters strongly recommends contacting our blind cleaning company for help with the challenging window blind cleaning task ahead of you. Cleaning your mini-blinds that have a lot of dust buildup yourself can be messy and very difficult to do.

For light cleaning use a static charged duster, taking care not to push the dust onto the cords running through the mini blind. You can also use a lightly wet cloth on aluminum blinds also. Take care not to use too much water as this will cause the dust to run and streak your blinds.

Omaha Blinds & Shutters can provide window blind cleaning that uses a very high but silent sound wave to remove dust and dirt. This will save you tons of trouble and effort when cleaning your blinds as well as provide a better quality and more lasting cleaning of your window blinds. Give us a call today for window blind or shade cleaning services in the Omaha, Nebraska area and surrounding cities.

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