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Shades Omaha NEOmaha Blinds & Shutters offers a large selection of window shades that come in several different styles, colors and designs. Roman shades are one of the most popular choices for Omaha home owners. The main characteristic of Omaha window shades are the evenly spaced overlapped folds.

These shades come in a variety of different options. A flat Roman shade will not have any seam marks which make for a flawless window covering option. You will also find that you can select your shade based on light filtering or room darkening. For extra insulation, the room darkening shade would be your best option. However, if you need a window treatment that lets a little sunlight into the room, a light filtering shade would be for you. The window shades design consultants at Omaha Blinds & Shutters can inform you of the various shades that we have available and aid you in choosing the best one for your home.

Roller Shades

Your windows should be adequately equipped to keep out the light when desired. Roller shades in Omaha are designed to intercept the sunlight and protect the room from direct light unless wanted. These shade types also aid in insulating the room from outdoor heat. You can find roller shades in a variety of different materials and different types.

You can find them in the simplest of window shades that are made of a thin material, almost like paper, that is strung on a roller, which is spring loaded. Other advanced roller shades provide added style and come in various color selections and textures. They can also be found as light filters or used for room darkening.

Roman Shades

The kind of window shades that hang flat over your window and fold up to look similar to an accordion are called Roman shades. Roman shades in Omaha are usually made with fabric or woven wood. These shades are easy to operate and are efficient in providing insulation and blocking sun glare out of a room.

This type of window treatment is available in several different styles and designs. The most common Roman shades are folded and have evenly spaced overlapping folds. If you hear the term soft Roman shades, those are made of soft overlapping folds. Flat roman shades will not have any horizontal seams so you will never have to worry about bumpy seam marks. You also have the option of light filtering or room darkening Roman shades. If you select the light filtering shades, some sunlight will be kept out but they will not block out all light from a room. If you want a large amount of outdoor light blocked and room insulation, then you should go with the room darkening Roman shades.

Our Shades in Omaha Includes the Following:

  • Roman Shades
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Custom Window Shades
  • Window Shades Design
  • Window Shades Installation
  • Wooden Window Shades
  • Faux Wood Shades

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Why Omaha Should Hire Us For Their Shades

Here at Omaha Blinds & Shutters, we provide our clients with free in-home consultations at their convenience. This free service provides our customers with the advantage of using their own environment and natural lighting to make sure that they select perfect window shades treatment. Whether you need a single Omaha window shades, replacing each window cover or looking for the interior design for your new home, you will always find the right products at the best prices at Omaha Blinds & Shutters.

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